HetNet & SON documents

SCF010Enterprise small cells deployment guide
SCF011Connectivity for the hospitality sector
SCF012IEC equipment classes infographic
SCF017Multi-operator market drivers
SCF050Small cells market status report December 2018 new
SCF0565G Vision: Defining the future HetNet and its evolution to 5G
SCF059X2 interoperability in multi-vendor X2 HetNets
SCF066Enterprise SON use cases
SCF069Enterprises and multi-operator small cells
SCF077Urban SON use cases
SCF082nFAPI and FAPI specifications
SCF083SON API for small cells
SCF085Plugfest Roadmap: its role in the HetNet 2020 work program revised
SCF094Combining the benefits of licensed and unlicensed technologies
SCF097Small cells and license exempt spectrum: Carrier Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling, LAA and LWA
SCF100SCF roadmap and workplan 2018 new
SCF107HetNet and SON overview
SCF109Commercialising hyperdense HetNets: Release overview
SCF152Small cell services API
SCF165Unified communications API for operator-enterprise
SCF170HetNet market drivers 2016-20
SCF171Comprehensive overview of small cell security
SCF172Integrated HetNet architecture framework
SCF173Role of SON in the HetNet deployment process
SCF174Capacity planning for HetNets
SCF176LTE small cell SON test cases: Functionality and interworking
SCF177SON Plugfest 2016: Summary test report
SCF180Hyperdense HetNets: Definition, drivers and barriers
SCF181Alternative ownership and operations models: Hospitality
SCF182Simplifying small cell installation: Harmonized principles for RF compliance
SCF183Connectivity for municipalities
SCF188Hyperdense network architectures
SCF192Small cell siting challenges
SCF194Deployment plans and business drivers for a dense HetNet: SCF operator survey new
SCF195Small cell siting challenges and recommendations new
SCF196TR-196 Gaps update proposal new
SCF197mmw 5G-eMBB use cases and small cell based HyperDense networks new
SCF200Ten trends SCF has driven and vision for 2027 new
SCF201Network densification in the 5G era: Working for industry alignment at SCF Partners’ Day new
SCF202Densification Summit: Asia Market Requirements new
SCF203Operational aspects of densification into the 5G era new
SCF2045G era business models and stakeholder engagement new
SCF213SCF influencing European Densification new
SCF216SCF China Workshop 2018 new
SCF217Rural and remote workshop: Event report new
SCF2204G and 5G small cells for smart cities: Taipei workshop new
SCF221Partnerships, Platforms & Protocols new
SCF2225G FAPI: PHY API Specification new
SCF500Small Cells And Dense Cellular Networks new