TR-196 Gaps update proposal

Document number: SCF196

Tags: 3G LTE Wi-Fi HetNet & SON  
Focus: Architecture and Standards

Many LTE small cell implementations use the FAPservice:2 data model defined in BBF TR196, which is itself based on the 3GPP specification 32.592. However neither the 3GPP or BBF specification have been kept up to date with the many vendor specific extensions that have had to be added to operate a basic LTE service conforming to 3GPP release 9. The SCF wishes to rationalize these vendor extensions into a common set and propose them as an update to 3GPP 32.592, which in turn will result in an update to TR196. This document contains an initial set of proposals from SCF members.

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Date Version Release
2017-12-01 SCF196.10.01 10
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