Release 9.0 documents

SCF011Connectivity for the hospitality sector new
SCF012IEC equipment classes infographic new
SCF050Market status report June 2017 new
SCF082nFAPI and FAPI specifications revised
SCF109Commercialising hyperdense HetNets: Release overview new
SCF167NFAPI service: 1.0 service object definition new
SCF171Comprehensive overview of small cell security new
SCF176LTE small cell SON test cases: Functionality and interworking new
SCF177SON Plugfest 2016: Summary test report revised
SCF180Hyperdense HetNets: Definition, drivers and barriers new
SCF181Alternative ownership and operations models: Hospitality new
SCF182Simplifying small cell installation: Harmonized principles for RF compliance new
SCF183Connectivity for municipalities new
SCF184Hospitality: Installing small cells is simple new
SCF187Virtualization status update new
SCF188Hyperdense network architectures new
SCF189Shared spectrum: CBRS small cell network architecture & operations new
SCF190Small cell siting: regulatory and deployment considerations revised
SCF192Small cell siting challenges new
SCF193SCF's Key Themes: The best of the release program new
SCF200Ten trends SCF has driven and vision for 2027 new