5G FAPI: PHY API Specification

Document number: SCF222

Tags: 5G HetNet & SON  
Focus: Network Architecture Interoperability Architecture and Standards Release Radio

PHY FAPI is the main API for FAPI, defining P5 and P7 interfaces for user and control plane into the PHY. Its typical application is between a PHY layer System on a Chip and the software stack for MAC and higher layer protocols. It can also be used to enable Embedded NIC Inline Accelerators for the High-PHY function in an O-RAN DU. This most recent iteration targets key 3GPP features, market performance requirements, and supports Open RAN evolution.

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Date Version Release
2021-11-11 SCF222.10.04 10
2021-05-10 SCF222.10.03 10

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2020-03-23 SCF222.10.02 10

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2019-06-29 SCF222.10.01 10

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