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SCF001Small cells and health
SCF002Regulatory aspects of femtocells
SCF003Interference management in UMTS femtocells ("high-band")
SCF005Femtocell business case - Signals Research
SCF007Wireless in the home & office: the need for both 3G femtocells and Wi-Fi access points
SCF008Interference management in UMTS femtocells: topic brief
SCF009Interference management in UMTS femtocells ("low-band")
SCF013Business case for femtocells in the mobile broadband era - Signals Research
SCF016Femtocells - natural solution for offload
SCF025HeNB (LTE Femto) network architecture
SCF026Global consumer survey of in-home mobile services and femtocells - Parks Associates
SCF030Small cells, big ideas
SCF036Femtocell synchronisation and location: topic brief
SCF038W-CDMA open access small cells
SCF040FemtoZone services RESTful bindings
SCF041Femtocell systems overview for cdma2000 wireless communication systems - 3GPP2
SCF044Guidelines to 3G femtocell standards
SCF046Small cell services
SCF050Small cells market status report December 2018 new
SCF059X2 interoperability in multi-vendor X2 HetNets
SCF060Small cell deployments: Case studies
SCF075Synchronisation for LTE small cells
SCF076Regulatory aspects of small cells
SCF082nFAPI and FAPI specifications
SCF083SON API for small cells
SCF084Small Cell Zone services: RESTful Bindings
SCF085Plugfest Roadmap: its role in the HetNet 2020 work program revised
SCF092Requirements on a location based API
SCF093Extensions of small cell zone API
SCF099Small cell security: Topic brief
SCF100SCF roadmap and workplan 2018 new
SCF101Release One: Home overview
SCF174Capacity planning for HetNets
SCF194Deployment plans and business drivers for a dense HetNet: SCF operator survey new
SCF221Partnerships, Platforms & Protocols new