Enterprise small cell network architectures

Document number: SCF067

Tags: 3G LTE Wi-Fi Enterprise  
Focus: Network Architecture

This provides a generalised architecture for enterprise small cell networks. In addition to the small cells, it introduces two optional functional entities referred to as enterprise-small cell concentrator (E-SCC) and enterprise-small cell gateway (E-SCG). This release 6 update addresses virtualization and ETSI ISG MEC’s work. In particular, it shows how the E-SCC can be virtualized to reap the general benefits of virtualization and realize virtual network functions such as a single virtual enterprise small cell, local mobility and radio interference management, and backhaul bandwidth based admission control. The general alignment between the E-SCN architecture and the MEC framework is also described, recognising that the E-SCC can serve as the platform for hosting the MEC server functionality and the E-SCG can be realized as a MEC application on this platform.

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Date Version Release
13-01-2016 SCF067.07.02 7
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